Welcome to Our New Home Take the Tour

Welcome to my new website! I’m so excited to have this site come to life and to introduce you to its new features and the people who worked hard to make it happen…

The Type Tester

This is my favorite feature – not only because it makes it easy to see what’s included in the font, but also because it’s a valuable tool as well – once you’ve purchased and installed the font on your system, you can style your text in the Type Tester, then copy and paste it into your document!

On a font’s product page, you’ll see a field of text that allows you to type in your own text and view how it looks set in that font. You can adjust the size and line spacing, experiment with the available OpenType features, and highlight individual letters to see what swashes and/or alternates are available. Further details on using the Type Tester

Special Features

Most of my fonts have features beyond the ordinary and expected; from swashes to contextual alternates and more, if you’re wondering what these features are and what they do, click on a feature and a pop-up box will show you what it’s all about. Read more about OpenType features.

User Guides

If you’ve purchased any of my fonts before, you may already be familiar with the accompanying User Guide that shows everything available in the font; OpenType features and examples of how they may be used, all of the available glyphs and where to find them and more!


I love this new site, however, the credit for most of its design, content and development goes to these extraordinarily talented and skilled individuals.

Chris Lewis Website Developer
Chris moved to Seattle a couple of years ago, and I was thrilled to meet him and get to work with a fellow who is not only exceptional at what he does; he figured out how to display all of the swashes and alternates in the Type Tester in two days! He thoroughly understands type (he has worked for MyFonts and Type Network!) and is an all around wonderful human. Check out his work!

Joe Newton Designer
Joe is an exceptional designer, illustrator and art director. He has designed the vast majority of the promotional images used to display my typefaces and has created the foundation and core of my brand’s identity. He gets all of the credit for the design of this website too. More about Joe here!

Erica-May Chan Designer
Erica-May is an extraordinarily talented, creative and thoughtful designer and a witty wordsmith! We have worked together for five years now and she’s the creative force behind all of the fabulous user guides (amongst many other things!) that show off my fonts; their contents, features and how the elements of the fonts may be used.

Karen Hutchins Foundry Manager
Karen is amazing — I can throw anything at her and she can figure it out! In addition to managing my massive font library, she played a significant role in editing the content of this site, making sure all of the descriptions, font features, images, articles and everything else was put correctly in place. Read more about Karen here!