Karen Hutchins

I love getting to know my customers. It’s always fascinating to learn about other people’s passions and creative endeavors. Once in awhile, a customer and I really hit it off and end up becoming friends. Such is the case with Karen Hutchins.

Karen is the owner of Thyme4K, an Etsy shop where she sells designs for cutting machines and printing in svg, dxf, eps, png, and jpeg formats. She also does custom work and maintains a Facebook group where she shares her designs and offers advice to those just getting started.

She’s always had a knack for crafting and design, but she really delved into designing professionally when her husband surprised her with a Cricut for her birthday. She said it was the perfect gift, allowing her to combine her love of technology and creativity. She devoured all the information she could about how to create clean, attractive designs, and then began selling her work online. That first sale was a thrill, and her business has blossomed since.

“We’re kindred spirits and I am grateful to be able to call this talented, funny, and all-around awesome person a friend.”

Karen first discovered my work through Facebook when she was just starting out as a designer. She had joined several design-related Facebook groups and said folks kept mentioning the Samantha Font. “I looked it up and I was hooked,” she said.

“I love the quality and style…I have a great respect and admiration for creative beauty and that is what I see when I look at [your] fonts.”

She and I first started communicating when she inquired about purchasing one of my fonts as a gift for a friend. We exchanged some messages in that regard and haven’t stopped talking since! We’re kindred spirits and I am grateful to be able to call this talented, funny, and all-around awesome person a friend.

Today, Karen says my fonts are her first choice whenever she sets out to create a design. Samantha, Ganache, Rosarian, Number 5 Smooth, and Origins Smooth are some of her favorite, she said, as these are excellent for cutting.

Karen’s work is so unique, fun, and versatile. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next! Visit her Etsy store to see more.