Type Tester

Our New Tool Lets You Dig Deep

The Type Tester makes it easy to see and experiment with what’s included in the font AND it's also a valuable tool as well; once you’ve purchased and installed a Laura Worthington font, you can style your text in the Type Tester, then copy and paste the text into your document!

Check out this video to see the Type Tester in action

On a font’s product page, you’ll see a field of text that allows you to type in your own text and view how it looks set in that font. You can adjust the size and line spacing, experiment with the available OpenType features, and highlight individual letters to see what swashes and/or alternates are available.

Try the new font tester to see the font in action! Highlight the sentence and type in your own custom text.

Select the font style or weight you want to preview from the drop down menu.

Experiment with the available OpenType features.

Adjust the size of the text using the sliders.

Adjust the line spacing of the text using the sliders.

View the available swashes or alternates for a particular letter. Highlight any letter to see all available alternates for that letter and then click on an alternate to try it out in the sentence.

Use the Type Tester as a tool, similar to a glyphs panel!

One of the most common questions I get is this: "How do you get the swashes (aka; fancy letters) into your document?" Some of my fonts have several versions of the same letter, such as the letter 'g' as shown above, however, there's only one letter 'g' on your keyboard. So how do you get to those different, and oftentimes, fancier versions of a letter?

Some apps, such as Adobe Illustrator®, InDesign® and Photoshop® as well as CorelDRAW® and SCAL (SureCutsALot®) have a handy glyphs panel located in their apps that make it easy to access and use swashes. However, other apps, such as Microsoft Word® or InkScape®, do not have this feature. Fortunately, there's a work-around. A glyphs panel utility is included in Windows (Character Map), and on a Mac, you can use Font Book (info & instructions.)

While Character Map and/or Font Book do the trick to view and access a fonts' swashes and alternates, it adds a couple more steps to the process: you have to sort through a screen full of glyphs to find what glyph you want, then copy and paste the glyph from the utility into your document.

The Type Tester saves time and makes it easier to style your text by allowing you to experiment with a font's swashes, alternates and features all in one setting, then copy and paste your stylized text from the Type Tester into your document!*

*You must have purchased and installed a Laura Worthington font to use the Type Tester in the manner described

Here's an example of how to use the Type Tester with Microsoft Word®

1. Stylize your text, highlight it with your cursor, then copy it from your browser

2. Select the Laura Worthington font you're using from the font menu, then from the EDIT menu, choose "Paste and Match Formatting" and voila! Your stylized text from the Type Tester appears in your document!

TIP: You may need to highlight the sentence and re-apply the style if pasting into a new text box or into a text box with a different style.