Adobe MAX 2020

Thank you for attending our session on Font Design and/or Brush Lettering at Adobe MAX 2020! Below you will find links to the topics we discussed and zip files of the handouts.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions: or Debi Sementelli at: more

Interview with Font Bundles

This Q&A answers some of my most frequently asked questions. I reveal the origin of my interest in fonts, the challenges of font creation, how long it takes to create a font, the creative uses of my fonts, PUA encoding and its importance, and advice for font designers. Want to know how I spend my spare time? Then, read on! more

Besotted: All About Calligraphy Pt.1

Besotted offers a wealth of creative resources and inspiration on their website including interviews with designers like myself. In part one of this interview, I reveal why I became interested in lettering, my favorite supplies, and my inspirations. more

Shameless Hussy


Spring is such a lovely time of year, especially where I live in the Pacific Northwest. After short days, lots of rain and sometimes snow, the spring weather is more than welcome. It means longer days, less rain, more sun and spring time wines! During the winter, I like a big, bold glass of wine like a cabernet sauvignon or a petit verdot that pairs well with stews or soups. But just about this time every year, I can’t wait to break open the whites or roses! more

Democratizing Fonts with PUA Encoding

Who buys fonts and why? In this lively discussion, Thomas Jockin and I discuss how the casual user audience has affected the font industry. Die-cutting machines, marketplaces like Etsy, and the wedding industry all contribute to the growing interest in custom fonts. Educating casual users on Private Use Area (PUA) encoding and OpenType also allows casual users to use advanced features that were previously only available in professional level software. more

The Future of Type

I received an invitation from The Association of Registered Graphic Designers (RGD) along with panelists Jessica Hische, Ellen Lupton, Nick Sherman, to come together for a webcast discussing the latest issues in the world of type. This article reveals the the top ten insights for “The Future of Type.” more