Adobe MAX 2020

Thank you for attending our session on Font Design and/or Brush Lettering at Adobe MAX 2020! Below you will find links to the topics we discussed and zip files of the handouts.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions: or Debi Sementelli at:

Check out these resource articles on my website about typography, typeface design and lettering.

Here's an article about my favorite lettering supplies as well as lettering guides you may print and/or download. There are also several short videos on my YouTube channel that cover various topics on lettering and typeface design. Debi Sementelli has a brush lettering course on Skillshare too!


Segment One: Getting Started
VIDEO Basic strokes, tools and materials, posture and body mechanics

Segment Two: The Alphabet
VIDEO Lowercase alphabet, Uppercase alphabet, spacing exercise with the letter ‘n’, lettering guides

Segment Three: Making it Expressive
VIDEO How to create flourishes, upper and lowercase flourished letters, ligatures, style options to try, the pencil skeleton, composition tips

Segment Four: From Paper to Screen
VIDEO Notes and tips on bringing your lettering into the digital realm

download all handouts | presentation slides (PDF)

SEXY SCRIPTS & DESIGN DIVAS a look at font creation

watch the video

Presentation notes and resources

Brush lettering font, kerning/test strings doc, accompanying Illustrator file