Interview with Font Bundles

This Q&A answers some of my most frequently asked questions. I reveal the origin of my interest in fonts, the challenges of font creation, how long it takes to create a font, the creative uses of my fonts, PUA encoding and its importance, and advice for font designers. Want to know how I spend my spare time? Then, read on! more

Adobe TypeKit

Adobe recently introduced a selection of Laura Worthington's display fonts into their Adobe Typekit Library. Read the blog post by Ariadne Remoundakis, Foundry Relations Manager at Adobe Typekit, to learn more! more

Besotted: All About Calligraphy Pt.1

Besotted offers a wealth of creative resources and inspiration on their website including interviews with designers like myself. In part one of this interview, I reveal why I became interested in lettering, my favorite supplies, and my inspirations. more

The Power of Words

I realized in high school drama class, how powerful language really is and how powerful what we say is to others. I taught a Brush Lettering course series for Creative Live; this article includes my video explaining and demonstrating the expressiveness of brush lettering. more

Typeface and Graphic Design

Creating typography with expression and flavor is a fun challenge. I’ve designed a range of typefaces in my career, from the delicate to the rugged. I craft original, lovingly handmade letters which form the base of my typeface designs.My fonts Beloved and Spumante are featured in this article.more

Democratizing Fonts with PUA Encoding

Who buys fonts and why? In this lively discussion, Thomas Jockin and I discuss how the casual user audience has affected the font industry. Die-cutting machines, marketplaces like Etsy, and the wedding industry all contribute to the growing interest in custom fonts. Educating casual users on Private Use Area (PUA) encoding and OpenType also allows casual users to use advanced features that were previously only available in professional level software. more

The Future of Type

I received an invitation from The Association of Registered Graphic Designers (RGD) along with panelists Jessica Hische, Ellen Lupton, Nick Sherman, to come together for a webcast discussing the latest issues in the world of type. This article reveals the the top ten insights for “The Future of Type.” more

New Faces in American Type Design

There has been a resurgence of interest in type design and in this article four type designers are featured: Jackson Cavanaugh, Tal Leming, Jesse Ragan and Laura Worthington. Tal Leming is especially interested in smart fonts and web design. Jackson Cavanaugh has won multiple awards and is working on a reimaging of Gill Sans Kayo. Laura Worthington specializes in script fonts and is working on a new typeface based on pointed brush lettering. Jesse Ragan is both a letterer and typeface designer who has finished his first script typeface. more

One Minute With Laura

I discuss my love of calligraphy and penmanship, the differences between typeface design and lettering, why working independently is the right fit for me, and more. Discover my secret fascination with landscape design. Who new? more

Hand to Type

My work has been featured in this fabulous new book about lettering and type design titled Hand to Type. The book also includes a series of chapters outlining principles of script forms and traces script fonts back to some of the earliest examples. more

Typography Tips

This article investigates the process of creating excellent type. From proportion to control letters, inspiration to design, and software to font weights, Bruno Maag, Gumundur Ifarsson, Peter Bil’ak, and Laura Worthington give their insights on font design. more