Ed’s Market

It’s like hiring your own professional sign painter with a solid repertoire of styles; each one is distinctive, yet clearly by the same hand. No variants were created on the computer – each weight and version was individually hand-lettered. Ed’s Market lets you evoke the warm, inviting vibe of classic 20th-century grocery posters and showcard lettering right from your type menu. Smart programming ensures that digital perfection doesn't trump human charm: each display face features three variations of each letter, to ensure a natural hand-painted look when characters repeat. more

Typeface Features

Special Features

Ed's Market Regular - 646

Ed's Market Regular Slant - 389

Ed's Market Narrow - 389

Ed's Market Narrow Slant - 389

Ed's Market Wide - 389

Ed's Market Bold - 389

Ed's Market Bold Slant - 389

Ed's Market Main Script - 704

Ed's Market Upright Script - 576

Ed's Market Bold Script - 627

Ed's Market Design Elements - 98

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Ed’s Market Bold Script


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