Ganache is a smart, intricate, fun, and deceptively simple font. This distinctive hybrid is a unique blend of script, Roman, and italic. My fascination with letter-fitting makes this an intriguing exercise in negative space. The uppercase letters are boldly stylish, and here some of the counters display unexpected shapes. Between some letters, the negative space is transformed into a type of swash itself. Customize your design with Ganache’s 185 swashes and alternates and 10 ornaments. more

Typeface Features

  • Smooth
  • Bold/Heavy
Special Features

832 including

  • 146 Swashes
  • A full set of simplified uppercase letters
  • Alternates for a fully unconnected style
  • 9 Stylistic Alternates
  • 18 Ligatures
  • 10 Ornaments

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