A slim, semi-connected script with lithely upright curves, Spumante is ideal for food packaging and menus, cosmetic labels, book covers, or greeting cards and invitations. Dress it up with over 200 swashes, alternates, and ornaments, or use the titling alternates for a minimalist, unconnected look. Spumante Shadow (FREE!) was designed to complement the regular weight of Spumante. more

Typeface Features

Special Features

1233 per weight including

  • 216 lowercase Swashes
  • 35 ligatures
  • A full set of Simplified Caps
  • A full set of Swash Caps
  • Alternates for a fully connected or fully unconnected style (default setting is semi-connected)
  • Ending, Beginning and Isolated forms for select letters
  • Contextual Alternates feature for ideal script joining behavior
  • 25 Ornaments

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