Congenial Italic

I wanted to design my own sans-serif typeface for my web site to complement the rest of my type library, so I designed Congenial Italic as an understated, highly legible complement to my more decorative display faces. Of course, I’m never far from my calligraphic roots, so Congenial Italic retains some hand-drawn elements, visible particularly in the heavier weights of this generous 10-face family: for example, the swelling diagonal stroke of the capital X, and the flared terminals of the K, L, Q, and Z. At lighter weights the strokes become almost monoline, but the humanist tendency is still evident — see the graceful, decidedly non-geometric curves of the k, e, and g. more

Typeface Features

  • Smooth
  • Light Weight Available
  • Regular Weight Available
  • Bold Weight Available
Special Features

426 per weight

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Congenial Italic


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