Typography Resources

Links to articles and videos about: How-to, Font Management, Selecting & Pairing Type, History of Type, Classification, Anatomy, Identification, Education, Conferences, Literature, Online Resources, Who to Follow

1: Software How-to

Links to various tutorials and sources of information on how to style, modify, and work with type: i.e., typography.

1a. Photoshop

Photoshop tutorial from Tutvid.com 18 Hidden Tips About Type Tool

More about manipulating text than about setting it, but very informative (Don’t use the “faux” bold or italic icons in the Character panel!)

Adobe Photoshop Create Type

Tutorial with illustrations; type layers, point & paragraph type

Adobe Photoshop 10 Tips for Great Type in Photoshop

Using the Glyphs palette in Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop Elements Using the Text Tool

Tutorial with illustrations

1b. Affinity Designer

Steve Elliott Affinity Designer’s Artistic Text Tool

For use on a painting done in Procreate | kerning on a path | for iPad

Affinity Designer Advanced Typography

OpenType layout features | for iPad

Affinity Designer Frame Text Tool

Basic text setting in Affinity Designer | for iPad

Affinity Designer Art Text Tool | for iPad

Affinity Designer Text on a Path (Overview)

Using text on a path

Affinity Designer Text on a Path (Worked Example)

Several different ways of manipulating text on a path

Affinity Designer Quick Tip: Flip Text on a Curve

Tobias Steiner | FrameHaus

Jenco Designs Create an Offset Path in Affinity Designer

Outlines as separate objects

Affinity Designer Importing Fonts

Installing fonts from the cloud

Affinity Designer Layer Effects

Adding layer effects nondestructively

1c. Adobe Illustrator

Teela Cunningham Type on a Path in Illustrator

SpoonGraphics Vintage Effect for Text in Illustrator

Highly illustrated tutorial

Adobe Illustrator Special Characters & OpenType Layout Features

Including contextual pop-up for selected character, and the Glyphs panel | tutorial with illustrations

Teela Cunningham Create a Hatched Drop-shadow Effect

One-off text effect (as shapes, not editable text)

Eric Vasquez, How to Create Custom Type

Advantages of commercial fonts | OpenType features | Editable text

Hikeart How to Create Decorative Text

Basic conversion of text to shapes & then decorating them

Adobe Illustrator Add Text to Your Designs

Tutorial with embedded videos & sample files | Add a line of text, or a paragraph of text, then format the text, place it on a path, and reshape it

Spoon Graphics How to Create Custom Type Designs

Customizing type from an existing font & using OpenType layout features (Complementary to the “vintage effects” video)

1d. Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office Applying Existing Styles

Microsoft Office Editing or Creating New Styles

Tutorial page with illustrations

Microsoft Office Changing the Look of the Text

Basic text manipulation

Microsoft Word (2010) How can I use different numerals in Microsoft Word?

Explanation of where to find OpenType layout features, such as old-style figures and ligatures

Microsoft Office OpenType Ligatures in Office 2010

Tutorial on using ligatures and other OpenType layout features

1e. Other

Natanael Gama Design Your Own Fonts: From Paper to Screen

Skillshare class using paper & Glyphs app | intro only: register for free trial in order to see class

1f. Non-Latin Typefaces

Eiko Nagase Seven rules for perfect Japanese typography

Nikhil Sonnad The Long, Incredibly Torturous and Fascinating Process of Creating a Chinese Font

Interview with Aleksandra Samulenkova about her workshop on designing Cyrillic typefaces

Interview with Arabic type designer Dr. Mamoun Sakkal | design of the Shilia typeface, a streamlined, geometric typeface designed to work with sans serif Latin typefaces

2: Font Management

Links to various useful applications for managing your font library

PopChar (Windows) | application for viewing and accessing all the characters in a font

PopChar (Mac) | application for viewing and accessing all the characters in a font

Suitcase Fusion | powerful commercial font-management application

NexusFont | Free font-management application for Windows

FontBase | free font-management application for Mac, Windows & Linux

RightFont App | commercial font-management application for Mac

Typeface 2 | commercial font-management application for Mac

AnyFont | inexpensive application for installing fonts on iOS devices

Ultra Character Map | commercial character-map application for finding glyphs and comparing typefaces for Mac

3: Selecting & Pairing Type

These links give some recommendations on how to choose type families that work well together.

Chart of “font moods,” different categories of typeface and words describing the moods they might express or evoke.

(Note: the typeface shown as an example of “Modern Serif” is actually Trajan, Carol Twombly’s digital version of the letters on the Trajan column in ancient Rome: the ultimate old-style type.)

Basic questions to consider when choosing type, primarily for the web, includes examples.

Article/interview on San Francisco graphic designer and AIGA medalist Jessica Morla, focusing on her innovative use of type. With illustrations from the Letterform Archive’s collection.

Ilene Strizver Guide to Font Styles: Slab Serifs

Comparison of seven slab-serif type families sold by Monotype, by the former typographic director of ITC

Ilene Strizver Guide to Font Styles: Old Style Typefaces

Comparison of seven old-style type families sold by Monotype, by the former typographic director of ITC

Adobe Photoshop 10 Tips for Great Type in Photoshop

A how-to on using the Glyphs palette in Photoshop, although one of the ten tips is about choosing type

John D. Berry Choosing and using typefaces for brochures

Here are some websites that make the font pairing process easy and intuitive

FontJoy | FontPair | TypIO

4: History of Type

These are some useful resources for learning the history of type.

International Exhibition of Calligraphy History of European calligraphy

About the origins of writing and the development of the Latin alphabet: the precursor to Western type.

Peter Bil’ak Related Type Families

Thoughtful short article on the development of complementary serif and sans serif type families, as well as typefaces for different scripts designed to work together in multilingual typography. Originally part of a type specimen booklet from Typotheque foundry.

Victor Gaultney Problems of diacritic design for Latin script text faces

MA thesis for University of Reading, on the historical problems of designing Latin text faces with full diacritic support, and solution that designers have found historically. Very detailed.

Dr. Joseph Vitolo Demystifying the Copperplate/Spencerian Script Enigma

Article on the history of the Copperplate and Spencerian styles of handwriting, and the differences between them.

Jake Rainis Elegant Script: Spencerian and Copperplate Roundhand

Long blog post on Spencerian and Copperplate scripts, and the distinctions in letter form between them.

Design Is History Early Typographers Personal website on the history of design and type.

Allan Haley Early Evolution of Roman Letters 1

Brief overview of ancient Roman writing styles from square capitals to cursive.

John D. Berry Dot-font: talking about fonts

Links to free download of the text of this book of essays about type and its history.

5: Classification

These are sources and explanations of how type can be classified (a perennially unsettled subject).

Allan Haley Fontology: Type Classifications

Overview of a traditional classification system for Latin typefaces.

Ilene Strizver TypeTalk: Type Classifications

Overview of a traditional classification system for Latin typefaces.

John Boardley I Love Typography: Who Shot the Serif?

Introduction to world of serifs.

John Boardley I Love Typography: Return of the Serif

Identifying different styles of serif. Part 2 of above.

Toshi Omagari Italic subtleties

Cogent explanation of italic styles and fake-italic styling.

Design is History: Type Classification

Overview of traditional classification of Latin typefaces.

6: Anatomy

Here are some links to information about the anatomy of letter forms, both in the Latin alphabet and in other writing systems.

Typedia Anatomy of a Typeface

Fontsmith The A-z of Typographic Terms

Marc Schenker The Only Font Anatomy Design Guide You’ll Ever Need

Basic explanation of the parts of Latin letters, with individual illustrations.

Ilene Strizver Anatomy of a Character

Definitions of terms for describing Latin letter forms, by the former typographic director of ITC.

Orana Velarde A Visual Guide to the Anatomy of Typography

Elements of Latin letters, also type styles & spacing

Azza Alameddine Arabic Type Anatomy

Well-illustrated article on type design in the Arabic script.

29LT Blog Arabic Type Anatomy & Typographic Terms

Pooja Saxena Devanagari Type Anatomy

Well-illustrated article on type design in the Devanagari script used for several languages in India.

7: Identification

There is no substitute for knowing and recognizing typefaces, but these are resources that can help you identify them


Search for fonts based on categories: appearance, name, similarity, picture or symbol, designer or publisher

WhatTheFont browser | iOS app

MyFonts’ tools for identifying typefaces by uploading an image (PNG or JPEG)

Font Matcherator

Fontspring’s tool for identifying typefaces by uploading an image or a URL

What Font Is…

Tool for identifying typefaces by uploading an image or a URL. Requires download

8: Education

These are a few of the educational programs available in typography, or art and design schools that offer typography. Typography (using type) should be part of any course of study in graphic design, though it isn’t always.

University of Reading

Department of Typography & Graphic Communication |One of the major typography programs to obtain a Master's degree in Typeface Design

KABK (Royal Academy of Art)

The Hague, Netherlands | Very prestigious art and design program

School of Visual Arts

Undergraduate and Continuing Education courses in graphic design. Draws on the professional talent of New York City

Hoffmitz Milken Center for Typography

At, though not technically part of, the ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, California

“Created to serve as a home, and catalyst, for the enhanced study of typography and letterform design, the Center serves as an educational forum, design laboratory, research center, and archive.”

Cooper Union (The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art)

School of Art, New York City | Noted art & design school, and home of Type@Cooper

Rhode Island School of Design

A leading design school that has several noted type designers as graduates or on its staff in Providence, Rhode Island


“A directory, archive and educational aid for design students, educators and professionals who are seeking information about type.”

Maine College of Art

Graphic design program with typographic knowledge | Portland, Maine

Vermont College of Fine Arts

MFA in Graphic Design, noted for integration of design and writing | Montpelier, Vermont

University of Washington

School of Art+History+Design | Strong graphic design program with typographic knowledge in Seattle, Washington


“An educational program that helps designers implement better typography quickly and efficiently.” Educational division of Ramp Creative, the design partnership of Michael Stinson & Rachel Elnar


Graphic Design Specialization | Noted art & design school in the San Francisco Bay Area

Letterform Archive

Non-academic institution with very strong collection of typographic materials. Offers classes and lectures and workshops, as well as hands-on public access

Cranbook Academy of Art

Intense, studio-based experience | Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Savannah College of Art and Design

Savannah, Georgia

The New School/Parsons School of Design

New York City | Undergraduate and graduate programs in design

RIT School of Design Rochester Institute of Technology

Home of the Cary Graphic Arts Collection and the Vignelli Center for Design Studies.

For more suggestions, this survey article by Ilene Strizver from 2016 is useful

9: Conferences

Some of the many conferences around the world for practitioners and fans of type and typography.

Association Typographique Internationale (ATypI)

Global forum and focal point for the type community and business. ATypI’s annual conference is in a different country each year. The 2019 conference will be in Tokyo.


Annual conference that moves around North America. The 2019 conference will be in Minneapolis.

Typographics | New York City

“A design festival for people who use type.”

TDC’s “Type Drives Culture”

One-day conference in New York City hosted by the Type Directors Club (TDC)

Kerning Conference | Faenza, Italy

“Kerning is the first international conference in Italy dedicated solely to typography and web typography.”

Typoday | India

Annual conference on type and typography that moves from city to city in India (though the 2020 Typoday is going to be held in Beirut, Lebanon). The 2019 conference is in Mumbai.



“The Web Typography Conference.” The 2018 conference was in Brighton, UK.

10: Literature

Articles, books, and periodicals about typography.

Article on typographer Carl Dair’s seven principles of typographic contrast

John D. Berry

A quick set of tips for good typography

John D. Berry

A look at the different kinds of numerals available in fonts and when to use them

John D. Berry

Discussion of Harry Carter’s seminal book “A View of Early Typography: up to about 1600,” which details how type was made and used in the first century and a half of movable type

John D. Berry

Examination and debunking of some common misconceptions about using type

John D. Berry

An introduction to the fairly recent history of humanist sans serif typefaces, up to the digital revolution

John D. Berry

Following on from the previous column, a look at the explosion of humanist sans serif designs at the end of the 20th century

John D. Berry

A few common errors and a few basic principles of typography

John D. Berry

Hyphenation and word breaks in running text: how, why, and when

John D. Berry

Why do we set text in justified columns so often? How to do this well, and when it’s not appropriate

John D. Berry

Civil Type and Kis Cyrillic Vladimir Yefimov

A skilled Russian type designer imagines how Cyrillic type might have been reformed under Peter the Great if the tsar had worked with the best 17th-century Dutch punchcutters. Yefimov’s Kis Cyrillic is essentially exactly that.

Kis Cyrillic Vladimir Yefimov

Part two of above, with video of Vladimir Yefimov (in Russian).

Shaping Text Jan Middendorp

Excellent primer on typography. “It is aimed at design students and graphic designers, and also at those who are concerned with content: writers, editors and publishers.”

Typography: A Very Short Introduction Paul Luna

A short but thorough introduction to typography for a general audience. “Typography is design for reading.”

TYPE magazine

Quarterly print & web magazine from well-known publication designer Roger Black, focusing on “the people behind the letterforms.”

Eye magazine and the Eye blog

Best print magazine about graphic design, with a very strong focus on typography (and one issue a year entirely on type).

11: Online Resources

Links to online courses and information about putting type to use.

Latin Plus Character Set

Standard character set of fonts for the Latin alphabet, with GID and Unicode identifiers. From the Underware digital type foundry.

Rosetta Type Foundry

Specialists in fonts for multilingual and multi-script typography. Includes a multi-script Font Tester.

The Creative Spark: Title Case, Typographic Artisans

Jessica Hische & Erik Marinovich | Inspiration on type & lettering | Preview of Lynda.com course.

Foundations of Typography: Color, Contrast, and Scale

Ina Saltz | A “deep dive” into typographic principles | Intro to Lynda.com course

Graphic Design Foundations: Typography

Ina Saltz | Basics of typography | Intro to Lynda.com course

Photoshop for Designers: Type Essentials

Nigel French | Working with type in Photoshop. Intro to Lynda.com course

Fontology: Display Typography

Typesetting advice for setting type at large sizes.

Fontology: Making Type Choices

Advice on choosing the right typefaces for a project.

12: Who to Follow

These are a few of the people whose knowledge and practice of typography might be worth following.

Jessica Hische

Lettering artist and articulate author and well-known speaker on design.

Erik Marinovich

Lettering artist & co-founder of Friends of Type.

Marian Bantjes

Designer/artist/letterer with a distinctively woven, layered style.

Paula Scher

Pentagram partner and highly influential graphic designer whose identity systems have made part of the visual texture of NYC.

Michael Bierut

Pentagram partner and President Emeritus of AIGA National.

Easily Amused

John D. Berry | Blog on type, design, and typography by former president of ATypI and editor of U&lc.


James Mosley | Blog by type historian and former librarian of the St Bride Printing Library in London. (No posts since 2014, but still brilliant and informative.)

Phinney on Fonts

Thomas Phinney | Informative blog by type expert, font detective, and CEO of FontLab.


Erik Spiekermann | Blog on printing, type, and visible language, by well-known writer and speaker on type, co-founder of MetaDesign and FontShop, and type designer (Meta, et al.). In English and German.