Victoria York

Victoria York is an amazing designer and another one of my customers I wanted to shine a spotlight on.

Victoria got her start almost 14 years ago by designing birthday invitations for her twin boys. She just celebrated a 5 year anniversary for her business, Vee Creative, where she has poured her creative passion into luxury, full-service stationery that offers exquisite invitations and social stationery. She takes enormous pride in offering her clients a collaborative and incomparable experience. From save the dates to total knock-out invitations, wedding day stationery, personalized labels, napkins, cups, and more she is truly an inspiration to those who are able to turn their passion into a successful way to make a living. She has chosen many of my fonts in her wedding designs and I’m honored to play a role in such a pivotal life event as a wedding.

Victoria uses my Adorn and Charcuterie family of fonts in all her Vee Creative branding and truly has a passion for fonts. The back of her business card says “Loves Fonts Family Friends” and is taken from a poem her then 10 year old son wrote about her a few years ago.

Below is spectacular wedding collateral Victoria recently created using my Adorn Smooth Pomander font. Adorn Pomander is the essence of those times when love is new, when our minds take flight with daydreams, and our days are bright and giddy and works beautifully in these formal wedding invitations.




Check out more of Victoria’s work and see her using my fonts in action at