Sumer Ramsey

I have great customers! So many of you have created amazing things using my fonts, so amazing in fact that I wanted to share some of those with you. 

As part of my newsletter, I’d like to regularly shine a spotlight on a customer and hopefully provide each of you with some inspiration for what you can do with my fonts for your projects.


Busy mom, Sumer Ramsey, shares DIY work she’s done.

My name is Sumer Ramsey.  I am a former teacher, now stay at home mom to 6 kiddos, including one year old triplets.  When I found out that I was having my trio, I knew that I wanted to label everything.  So after buying a Silhouette Cameo, my first (and favorite) font purchase was Laura's Samantha font.  I adore all the glyphs.  And I have used it on a wide majority of the projects that I have created.


The first project was given to my brother and sister in law as a housewarming gift after purchasing their first home.  They love all things rustic, so I used an old window and placed a tree with a nest of eggs representing their children.  The Samantha font made a big impact for their names!

The second is a body suit that I surprised one of the nurses that took care of my babies during their three weeks in the NICU after birth.  She was adopting a daughter from China, so I wanted her to be celebrated.  I used Samantha for the word "chosen" and the glyphs as decoration above and below to frame it out.


Third, I created body suits for a triplet mom friend whose daughters were turning one.  Her theme was shabby chic and the Samantha font was perfect for her daughter's names.


And last, I used Samantha for my own daughter's shirts for their first birthday party.  I love that because there are so many glyphs to the Samantha font, I can use it as simply a pretty font, or to really dress up a project.