Julia Royal

As a small business owner, customer satisfaction and word of mouth are essential. Recently, one of my biggest fans, Cam Wilde, shared my work with classmate and friend Julia Royal, a fellow designer and typophile. Julia has since created some amazing pieces using Samantha Pro, Fairwater, Boucherie and Al Fresco!

You may remember Cam from the June customer spotlight---the designer who used my typeface Samantha Upright Pro to set one of his wife’s tattoos. Like Cam, Julia is an incredibly talented design student at Full Sail University working on her MFA in media design. She also works as a graphic designer and freelances on the side.

“I guess he [Cam] sniffed out the design-nerd in me across the inter-webs, but I’m glad he did,” Julia wrote. “I remember falling hard for the movement of Samantha Pro initially. I wasn’t aware of glyphs and typeface ‘extras’ before, so needless to say, my mind was blown when I discovered all of the gems that come along with [your] fabulous fonts.”

Julia first put Samantha Pro to use quickly at the local design/print studio she works at in Savannah, Georgia, creating a Spring Cotillion Party 8”x8” wine card.


“Samantha Pro provided wispy movement and a semi-formal ease that was appropriate for the project and the accompanying graphics,” she wrote. “Another one of those early projects using Samantha Pro was for Savannah Bag Company. Samantha Pro was a great pairing with the artsy, southern-infused tote bag illustrations. The letterforms and whipping swashes not only anchored the illustrations but became a part of the illustrations in a sense.”


After also picking up Al Fresco and Boucherie, Julia was also one of the first to purchase Fairwater this fall. She said she and the typeface have been “going steady” since its release.

“It’s fresh, friendly and extremely flexible. And all of the different styles and ornaments work fantastically together and alone,” she wrote.


“I feel a bit spoiled now, to be honest, but the detailed work that has gone into every collection is extremely useful and breathes more life to the design process,” she said. “I think everyone should make typefaces the way [you do]!”

You can see more of Julia’s work on her website: JuliaRoyal.com

Thanks for using my fonts, Julia!