Annette Bjorkman

Have you ever had something keep you from doing what you really enjoy?

Something out of your control that really knocks you off your feet and makes life slow way down? Something like that happened to my friend and old design school classmate, Annette Bjorkman. She was enjoying her job as a designer at Food Services of America when two rounds of cancer forced her into early retirement several years ago. Design is something that she rarely does these days, but when her son, Dylan, got engaged she jumped at the chance to design his wedding collateral! Using my Adorn font and various embellishments, she created the beautiful pieces you see below.

When Annette and I were in design class together years ago, she had told me about a French word, Recherché, which means “sought out with care, of studied refinement or elegance”. She told me how she liked the meaning and sound. I did too and created a font with the name Recherché, dedicated to Annette. Recherché is a unique hand lettered font which began with hundreds of sheets of paper filled with letters rendered with a pointed brush. During the process of refining the font, I realized that it had the potential to be very versatile, transitioning from casual to elegant. It is a very fun font to design with, as there are so many options (11 different versions of the letter ‘h’ for example), yet even with the flourishing, it still remains a legible script. Thanks, Annette, for the inspiration for this font. I hope these wedding pieces you designed inspire others to take time to do something they really enjoy even through the tough times.