Video demonstrations

How to use swashes, alternates, ornaments, fonts and their features and more

Many of these video were produced independently by various wonderful people and the links may change any time. The videos and the content are the sole property of their owners.

Programs for accessing swashes, alternates, and ornaments.

Video: Character Map [for Windows] by Laura Worthington

Video: Nexus Font [for Windows] by Laura Worthington

Video: Font Book [for Mac] by Laura Worthington

Video: Character Viewer [for Mac] by Laura Worthington

Video: Accessing OpenType Options with Mac apps you already have by Kay Hall of CleverSomeday

Video: How to Access Alternate Characters in LW Fonts Using Inkscape & the LW Type Tester by Laura Worthington

Video: Using Laura Worthington's Frame Fonts by Laura Worthington

Lettering tips and practice by Laura Worthington

Video: Lettering Tip: How Do You Achieve Consistent Spacing Between Your Letters?

Video: Lettering Tip: Using the Pencil Skeleton

Video: Lettering Tip: Where Do You Put the Thick & Thin Strokes?

Video: Lettering Tip: How to Revise Your Lettering

Video: Lettering Tip: When & Where Is It Best to Flourish Lettering?

Video: Lettering: What's One of My Top Tips?

Video: Lettering Practice with the Alphabet

Video: Brause Rose Nib

Video: Lettering Happy Thanksgiving

Video: Lettering Saturday

Video: Calligraphy: Defining Ductus

Video: FontLab: creating a smooth connection with the letter 'r'

Featuring a Laura Worthington Font

Video: Adorn Smooth Collection by Laura Worthington

Video: Spumante by Laura Worthington

Video: Voltage Font Download by Fakri Ginanji

Video: Boucherie Font Download by Selma Kamanda

Video: Winsome by Laura Worthington

Video: Wedding Invite in Word