EULA (End User License Agreement)

What are the details of the EULA?

A font license is a binding agreement that gives you the right to use the font in a specific manner. There are three types of user licenses: A one-user, multi-user, and an extended license. A one-user license covers ONE person with up to FIVE workstations (such as a laptop, desktop computer) connected to ONE printer or output device. A multi-user license is for more than one person and/or more than five workstations. Click here for details. If you need to purchase more than five users, contact me for special pricing. An extended license is required if you will be using the typeface for live text such as on a website, app, or video or for uses not allowed or covered under the Standard License Agreement. Extended licenses are offered and priced on a case by case basis. Contact me for details. For more detailed information on what your license covers, please consult the EULA.

Note: If you have purchased a font through one of the following distributors, their EULA is the governing contract:

Creative Market • GraphicRiver • FontBundles • FontBrothers