Silhouette Studio®

Tips for using swashes/alternates/ornaments in Silhouette Studio®

Video: Using Laura Worthington fonts with Silhouette Studio by Kay Hall of CleverSomeday and other helpful tips as well.

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Video: Laura Worthington Fonts in Silhouette Studio Mavericks by Kay Hall of CleverSomeday

Q: I’ve pasted a letter into Silhouette®, but it showed up as a rectangle or other weird symbol.

In Silhouette, if your cursor isn’t in a text block, the swash or ornament will be pasted somewhere in the middle of the document and will usually just look like a rectangle. While the rectangle is selected (or while the text is selected), choose the font that you want to use, e.g., Samantha Upright, from the text style panel (the letter A at the top of the menu will open the panel). Or, depending on which version of Silhouette you have, you can place your cursor in a text block or in a word that is already formatted in the Samantha font and paste the swash in.