Installing fonts

How do I install my fonts?

You will receive your files as a zipped folder.

To unzip the folder on a Windows® computer, right-click on the folder and select Extract All. A window will pop up showing the location where the unzipped folder will be placed. By default, this location is the same as the zipped folder, but can be changed if necessary. Click Extract.

To unzip the folder on a Mac® computer, double-click on the folder and it will be unzipped to the same location as the zipped folder.

Right click on the font file and select Install from the pop-up menu. –OR– Double-click on the font file, and click on “Install” in the pop-up window. –OR– Drag and drop the font files into C:WindowsFonts.

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Mac OS:
Double-click the font file and Font Book will launch with a window displaying the font. In the lower right corner of the window, click Install Font.

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Note: Purchasing a font management program is recommended.

Is the font that I purchased the most recent one?

If you have purchased your font within the last two years, then you font is up to date. If you can’t find the swashes, check out the Where are the Fancy Letters section of the FAQ. If you are using Samantha with Cricut®, please Contact me and I will send you a special version of Samantha designed specifically for Cricut.