Harlean is lively and exciting with eccentric letterforms that vary in axis, baseline, and height, a tribute to Harlean’s flexible-nib pen origins. Its curving strokes speak of free-spirited adventure and jazz-inflected, improvisational style. Harlean’s hand-lettered appearance is fashioned from the savvy use of contextual alternates. Easily customize your words with swashes and alternate forms to express your creativity, then complement your layout with ornaments, borders, and corner elements. more

Typeface Features

  • Distressed/Rough
Special Features

1497 including

  • 292 Swashes
  • 52 Stylistic Alternates for a fully connected or fully unconnected style (default setting is semi-connected)
  • 26 lowercase letter alternates
  • 26 Ligatures
  • Contextual Alternates feature for ideal script joining behavior
  • 20 Ornaments

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