Scentsy Spirit

Chances are you’ve heard of Scentsy – they are a 10 year old direct selling company which offers a variety of home and personal fragrance products.

You may even own one of their flagship products which is essentially a scented, wickless candle heated in a decorative ceramic warmer. Their products smell wonderful and you can imagine my excitement when they contacted me wanting to customize my font Voltage in their rebrand! The owner of the company discovered Voltage and liked it because it resembled the font used in their current branding for their Independent Consultants. Voltage is a structured lettering form based on balance, a solid rhythm, and uniformity. This font is a workhorse, almost a text version of a script font. Voltage is ideal for logos and was customized for the new Scentsy Consultant logo…beautiful outcome!

If you’ve ever worked on a re-brand or an update to a corporate creative identity, you know that it’s not common for the company owner to provide direct feedback on something as specific as a font development, but that is exactly the case here. The new Scentsy Consultant logo reflects feedback from the CEO on my Voltage font. These changes were incorporated to create a new font, called Scentsy Spirit. I was so excited about the outcome of this collaboration that I’m adding this new font to my collection.